On January 22, 2006, was the introduction of the Hajnasat Sefer Torah, donated by Mr. Rozencwaig


Rozencwaig Mr. Rozencwaig when buying the Sefer in the city of New York.

introducción del Sefer Moments prior to the introduction of the Sefer in the Schlomo Ben Adret Synagogue.

title The Carciente Rabi of the C.I.B. entering the Torah to the Synagogue.

Jacques Malka Rabi Jacques Malka, from Miami, referring to the historic importance of the introduction of the Torah.

Pilar Rahola Ms. Pilar Rahola, enthusiastic collaborator in this project, speaking to the audience.

Aarón Hakodesh Introduction of the Torah in the Aaron Hakodesh.

Jaime Einstein de Miami Mr. Jaime Einstein, from Miami, addressed the audience in Catalan.

Miguel Iaffa Mr. Miguel Iaffa, Director of the Association, reviewing the journey of the Recuperation Project.